Project aims

Our target group is the students who will;

*Improve themselves by integrated disciplines while having fun,

*Create something by stem activity to solve a real world problem,

*Aware of their ability and talent,

*Develop their language skills.

*Besides, the teachers, who wants to be well-qualified, highly effective and well-prepared instructor to teach STEM, are

the other target group, as well.

At the end of the project, we are expecting students to:

  • Increase competence in foreign languages and greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and

cultural diversity through communicating with pupils with similar interests from other participating countries;

  • be more positive attitude regarding school education and the role of education in the future career;
  • have responsibility for representing their school, country and culture;
  • be more capable of science and math lessons;
  • be aware of their talents and ability.